In the line of business called “Technical Geology and Civil Engineering“ we provide all services starting with the geological preliminary exploration, continuing with geological and geotechnical consulting, planning, tendering and construction supervision and ending with the accompanying and final documentation. This refers to the construction of traffic routes and traffic lines, underground, water and civil engineering and especially tunnel construction.

For the foundation investigation we use all standard geological and technical geological methods, techniques, and equipment. We provide everything from geotechnical mapping to the planning and support of the underground investigation (e.g. drillings and geophysical studies) as well as geological and hydrogeological evaluations as well as rockmass or underground modelling.

The increasing tendency to construct in areas with difficult underground conditions or with minimum space in populated areas demands not only ground and rockmass assessment and planning but also the planning and execution of comprehensive measures for the preservation of evidence.

Due to construction activity reaching into sensitive natural areas, we are increasingly occupied with the comprehensive evaluation of the effects on the environment in the form of environmental impact studies. In like manner, the increased volume of traffic on roads and rail requires planning more complex noise control measures.

The increased development and settlement of almost impassable regions means slope safeguarding measures and protective structures such as shoring against torrents, avalanches or falling rocks are becoming increasingly important. These specialised areas are also part of the range of services in our “Technical Geology and Civil Engineering” line of business.

In all of these areas, INTERGEO is your competent and dedicated partner, operating worldwide with a powerful network so our customers can profit from an international exchange of experience.

Take advantage of these synergies – we are happy to advise you in all aspects.