Milano Branch

The Italian branch office of the Intergeo Group has been set up in 2002. The Headquarter is located in Milan and to better cover the territory another office, dedicated to operations, is based in Moncalieri, nearby Turin.

The Italian office works on various contracts and has strong experience in working with Oil Companies.

Some highlights:

- More that 1500 site investigations
- More than 170 site remediations (soil and groundwater)
- Management of environmental activities on some depots in north Italy
- More than 50 environmental due diligences 
- Projects in aviation depots

The Italian office can offer a wide range of services :

- Geotechnical Investigations and Reports.
- Environmental investigations.
- Risk Analysis and Modelling.
- Remediation and monitoring.
- Consultancy and Due Diligence.

The Italians staff comprises very experienced Geologists and Environmental Engineers, all of them specialised in environmental technologies, as well as in Geological and Hydrogeological Science