Closing a Company Landfill

A company needed the extra space that was being taken up by the landfill and therefore it was closed.
Excavation and installation of a thick base liner were necessary to protect the groundwater.

Die Lösungen

Closing the industrial landfill was necessary because the new owner needed additional flat surfaces to construct more buildings. Because a number of areas
had mercury contaminations it was necessary to excavate the areas separately and install a thick base liner to protect the groundwater. The entire project was
performed according to the official requirements. The excavation works were performed successively with the non-hazardous material being backfilled in
layers according to the geotechnical requirements. This made possible a flat, stable surface suitable for future industrial use where the official environmental
protection regulations (e.g. groundwater protection and sealing of the surface) were also held to.

Activities: Consulting, detailed planning, excavation supervision, analysis, remediation and backfilling.



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