Gallery for a small power station Pedro do Sul, Portugal

Assignment: Geological and hydrogeological investigation, TBM forecast, geotechnical consultation

Time of execution: 1993/1994

Client: Hidrocentrais Lisabon/Portugal

Partner: Ed. Ast & Co., Feldkirchen/Graz Hidro 4 Lisabon/Portugal Tauernplan AG

Execution: Gallery with Ø = 3,5 m, l = 4 092 m Mechanical excavation, power house, hopper head structure, dam embankment

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Geological and hydrogeological investigation
TBM forecast
geotechnical consultation


    Europe  Portugal  

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INTERGEO provides services in the area of classical engineering geology as well as in the fields of geotechnical engineering (ground engineering and soil mechanics) and hydrogeology.

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