Landfill Excavation Urstein

INTERGEO analysed the landfill according to the specialized fields of waste, soil and geotechnics and then combined the interdisciplinary areas into the environmental impact study. Baste on the results of the environmental impact study, the remediation of the prior household waste and biosolid landfill was performed entirely with excavation.

Working in cooperation with the construction company in charge of the project, INTERGEO performed the chemical pre-investigation, documented the works, provided the analytical evaluation and the evaluation of the waste material for legal purposes.

Our services:

Environmental impact study
Remediation through excavation
chemical pre-investigation

analytic evaluation


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Responsible office:

  • Austria – Salzburg
    INTERGEO Umwelttechnologie und Abfallwirtschaft G.m.b.H

    Robinigstraße 93



Our services in the project:

Intergeo Services
Chemical Analysis and Laboratory

INTERGEO runs several environmental chemical laboratories which are accredited according to EN ISO / IEC 17025.

Intergeo Services
Soil and Groundwater Investigation and Remediation

Intergeo has performed over 10.000 soil and groundwater investigations in Europe and overseas since being founded in Salzburg in 1983. We provide a single source for all services – from the initial investigation to the detailed remediation action plan.

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