Remediation of an old Filling Station

The for the most part very old pollutants (mostly gasoline) entered the ground at the filling station at a number of points and spread in nearly all directions due to a number of factors (wells and groundwater flow), resulting in a star-shaped damage pattern. The strongest concentrations of pollutant were in a NE direction along the main flow of the groundwater.

Remediation of the unsaturated soil zone:
Using soil-gas extraction and catalytic burning

groundwater remediation:

The groundwater was cleaned using 7 groundwater remediation wells (DN 125 to DN 500) fitted with pumps with a capacity of up to 12L/sec, skimming technology for the gasoline phase, cleaning via stripping tower and wet activated-carbon filters. The peripheral residual contamination was then remediated using an Air Sparging system. Total capacity: 22 L/sec.

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Soil Gas Extraction

Catalytic burning

groundwater remediation well


Skimming technology

Stripping tower

Wet activated-carbon filter

Air-sparging system


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