Sanitary Landfill Construction

Third Party Control for the Installation of the Lining System and the Basal Drainage System for a Sanitary Landfill in Sajja Area, UAE

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Task: Design and construction of a new cell at the area of the Sanitary Landfill of the Municipality of Sharjah according to European Standards; the area of the cell excluding evaporation ponds for the seapage water is 160,000m². Approximately 1 mio m³ of material (mostly dune sand) was excavated and suitable material
backfilled to achieve the compaction of the underground needed.
Installation of the lining system (bentonite mats, HDPE liner, Geotextile) for the cell and the two evaporation ponds and installation of the drainage system: one layer used tyres, 30cm gravel layer, seapage water collection system (drainage pipes, seepage water collection wells, automatic working pumping system from the collection wells to the evaporation ponds).

Performed: Controlling and collecting the Method Statements of the companies involved in this project, collecting the quality control papers of the materials used for the lining system, sampling and testing of soil samples (in the INTERGEO on-site laboratory) for degree of compaction of the base of the landfill prior to the start of the lining works, establishing a quality control system for the works, H&S training of the companies involved (approximately 120 men alltime working force), supervising the installation works and quality control, sampling and testing of the materials used and the work performed, daily progress reports including mapping and photo documentation and final reporting.


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