Sharjah Landfill, UAE

Investigation, remediation and renaturization of a 9 mio m³ landfill in Sharjah, UAE.

Pre-investigation of the landfill composition, running chemical controls to ensure
adherence to European Standards (especially with regard to the material to be reused
for backfilling), provision of the onsite laboratory as well as chemists and

Die Lösungen

Project management (for the first phase)
lnvestigation of the landfill area (composition and volume of the different types of waste dumped, groundwater situation), technical project development, installation and operation of an accredited chemical laboratory for chemical analysis for waste, soil, ground water and soil gas. Environmental consultancy for the ongoing remediation works and construction works during recultivation.
Sampling of the different types of waste prior, during, and after treatment, sampling of the base of the landfill (natural soil) and of the groundwater and the soil gas: Classification of material treated prior to backfilling; Preservation of Evidence and Documentation.


    United Arab Emirates  

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  • Austria – Salzburg
    INTERGEO Umwelttechnologie und Abfallwirtschaft G.m.b.H

    Robinigstraße 93

    5020 Salzburg

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