Waste Management Masterplan – Eastern Libya

Die Herausforderung

Preparation of Waste Management Master Plans for the disctricts Derna, Green Mountain, Al Mraj and Al Butnan in Libya.

Die Lösungen

• The Principles of an Integrated Waste Management Plan
• General description of the project region
• General Description of the present waste management
• The General Waste Management Master Plan
• Cleaning of Streets, gardens, harbours and coastlines
• Reports
• Communication and Education
• Specific Waste Management Master Plan
• Investment and Financing Calculation and Plan



Responsible office:

  • Austria – Salzburg
    INTERGEO Umwelttechnologie und Abfallwirtschaft G.m.b.H

    Robinigstraße 93



Our services in the project:

Intergeo Services
Waste Masterplans for Municipalities

INTERGEO prepares Master Plans for municipality waste management.