Landfill Upgrading / Recultivation Project

7 Landfills in Korca Region of Albania (2 biggest landfills had over 2ha) Korca,
Erseke, Maliq, Bilisht Old, Bilisht New, Pojan, Pogradec. All seven landfills were
improved and upgraded and two of these landfills were prepared for Recultivation – sealing and capping.
Activities: Recultivation works, 3D Topographic Surveying, excavation works, sealing work, installation of pipes and manholes, improvement of leachate and stormwater management, covering measures on landfill embankments, leveling, compressing and stabilization of slopes, clearing of surrounding waste, installation of signs throughout the area.

Die Lösungen

Korca Plan



Responsible office:

  • Austria – Salzburg
    INTERGEO Umwelttechnologie und Abfallwirtschaft G.m.b.H

    Robinigstraße 93

    5020 Salzburg

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