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Soil and Groundwater Investigation and Remediation

Soil and Groundwater Investigation and Remediation

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Quality Management for Waste and Recycling Products
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Engineering Geology and Foundation Engineering

Engineering Geology and Foundation Engineering

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Environment, Health and Safety
Intergeo Services
Waste Management and Treatment

Welcome to INTERGEO

INTERGEO is an independent company represented on four continents offering engineering and consulting services for Environment, Geotechnics, Health & Safety and Waste Management. We work for a number of clients in both the public and private sectors and provide our clients with goal-oriented, sustainable, economic and innovative answers to their questions. INTERGEO offers expert knowledge and expertise in a number of areas, including the investigation and remediation of soil and groundwater, engineering geology, environmental protection and work safety as well as waste management.


Worldwide Consulting Services

At INTERGEO, innovation begins with our experts, whose task it is to deliver superior professional and technical expertise and service excellence to our clients. We strive to pursue and implement the best possible solution to ensure optimum project performance and sustainable results. Our team of experts is continuously developing or adapting new advanced technologies, discovering new ways to improve on proven techniques, and implementing creative approaches to solve complex challenges.

INTERGEO works closely with the government, academic institutions, non-university and industrial research institutions and has created its own competence centers to develop new approaches for site investigation and remediation. INTERGEO’s aim is to integrate sustainability considerations which minimize the environmental footprint of the site remediation process and to develop economic opportunities and community assets through site reuse. We combine strategic thinking, technical excellence and business sense to ensure project benefits and business value for our clients. INTERGEO always considers implementing new emerging technologies relating to environmental, health and safety services and of course the quickly growing fields of green and sustainable development.

Peter Kreuz Head INTERGEO Augsburg

„In addition to extensive technical and waste-related knowledge, expertise in constructional relationships and knowledge of practical construction plays a key role in the successful consultation and implementation of projects in the field of environmental management.“ Peter Kreuz

INTERGEO Environmental Technology Ltd.
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About Intergeo

INTERGEO is an independent company represented on four continents offering engineering and consulting services for environment and planning