Military Airport Gatow – Berlin

The site was used as a military airport from 1930 to 1995. In 1988 a contamination over an area of 4.000m² and with an average of 60cm of floating material originating from two underground kerosene tanks was discovered. Since future planning zoned the area as residential, it was decided that the soil and groundwater would be remediated using soil-gas ventilation, soil exchange and groundwater remediation. In July 1999 the contract was awarded to the JV INTERGEO Radeberg/TEERBAU Spreehagen.

Our services:

Installation of black/white areas prior to beginning works
Installation of special HSE measures (e.g. venting systems)
An area of 4500m² was asphalted for intermediate storage of contaminated material, with a special water collection and cleaning unit
Soil excavation to a depth of 11 m (incl. 3 m into the groundwater) over an area of 4.500 m², transportation of 19.000 m³ of contaminated soil
Installation of 10 Soil-gas ventilation wells with a combined suction capacity of 260m³/h.
Groundwater remediation using two step strippers, activated carbon filter, gravel bed filters, etc.
Skimming of oil-phase, ca. 8000L kerosene recovered and disposed of. Groundwater remediation unit with 40m³/h capacity for TPH, BTEX, etc.
Backfilling of the entire area, project completion and acceptance in April 2000


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Responsible office:

  • Germany – Radeberg
    INTERGEO Umwelttechnologie und Abfallwirtschaft GmbH

    Wilhelm-Rönsch-Straße 9

    01454 Radeberg

Our services in the project:

Intergeo Services
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Intergeo has performed over 10.000 soil and groundwater investigations in Europe and overseas since being founded in Salzburg in 1983. We provide a single source for all services – from the initial investigation to the detailed remediation action plan.

Intergeo Services
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INTERGEO implements cutting-edge innovation and technology to simplify remedial actions and reduce costs.