Remediation Diesel Contamination Vorderstoder

Soil and slope-/groundwater contamination due to a truck accident with diesel leakage in the vicinity of a house on a slope, pollutant spread to under the house and the agriculturally used field below

Remediation measures: Ex-Situ measures using Partial excavation and In-Situ measures using Pump & Treat, hydraulic and pneumatic soil washing, Installation of 2 depression drains with a pump shaft, oil extraction units in 2 Wells and 2 Stand-Pipes, water cleaning using a mobile oil separator, soil washing and bioventing Container

June to July 2008: Investigation using percussion drills and trial pits
since June 2008 – Immediate measures and remediation

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Partial excavation

Pump & Treat


Soil washing

oil extracting units

Oil separators

Soil washing and Bioventing unit


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