Filling Station Remediation in Leopoldsdorf

Contamination in the saturated and unsaturated groundwater zone of the geological underground on a filing station site

Pollutants: gasoline, mostly BTEX
Investigation, preparation of a remediation plan and performance of Ex-Situ and In-Situ remediation measures

Dimensions of contaminated area: ca. 800 m²

Ex-Situ Measures: excavation in the area of the unsaturated soil zone (well remediation)

In-Situ Measures:
Immediate Measures: securing and stabilisation of the contamination flag using hydraulic measures. Installation of the depression well, “pump & treat” remediation technology followed by wet activated-carbon filter cleaning. Additional treatment of the groundwater surface using an oil phase pump. Groundwater remediation: removal of the pollutant from the aquifer using combined hydraulic measures (pump & treat) and IAS (In-Situ Air Sparging). Remediation is performed by three remediation wells (total capacity 12 L/Sec), 10 suction pipes, 15 injection pipes and 8 combined pipes.

The remediation unit (container) can be remotely controlled.

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Depression well „pump & treat
wet activated-carbon filter

oil-phase pump
In-Situ Air Sparging

Remediation well
suction pipes

injection pipes
combination pipes


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