Final closing of an industrial dump site (chemical industry)

The final closing of the industrial dump site was necessary because the industrial complex was being sold. The new owner needed the area, and it was therefore necessary to construct an even surface.

Since certain areas were contaminated with mercury it was necessary to excavate several areas and to construct a dense base as protection for the groundwater. The whole project was executed according to the results of negotiation with the authorities.

The work took place step by step and the excavated material was re-dumped in layers according to geotechnic requirements. It was possible to construct an even and stable surface that would be able to be used in the future. In addition, it was possible to fulfill all demands of the authorities with regard to environmental protection (e.g. groundwater and top coverage).

Treated area: 15.700 m² with an amount of 14.500m³ material.
Max. concentration of contaminant at beginning of remediation: 149 mg/kg mercury
General contents: carbonate-sludge, PVC-parts, PVC-sludge and building debris

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supervision on site
Total excavation and re-dumping


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