Gasworks Clean-up in Kosovo

Die Herausforderung

The key objective of  the Clean-up and Land Reclamation Project (CLRP) was to improve the overall environmental situation by mitigation of the environmental damages caused by inadequate overburden and ash dumping practice in the past five decades of lignite mining and lignite based power generation, including collection and elimination of some 20,000 t of hazardous waste stored at the shut-down gasification plant adjacent to the Kosovo.  The waste represented an environmental hazard due to potential deterioration of the storage facilities with the risk of spills and contamination of soil, groundwater and surface water.

Our services:

Supervision of the Waste Removal Contractor:
• Removal of ca. 20.241 t hazardous chemicals/wastes from the tank storage facilities, ensuring that the strictly dedicated procedures were followed
• Local treatment of watery phases with low organic content (ca. 75% of material noted above).
• Permitting and transport of concentrated chemical hazardous waste and tar to certified treatment facilities outside of Kosovo
• Occupational health and Safety
• Environmental Compliance
Health, Safety and Environmental Monitoring
Reporting to Project Management Unit (Monthly reports, Environmental Bulletins, etc.)
Financial Monitoring and Supervision
Claim Management


    Europe  Kosovo  

Responsible office:

  • Austria – Salzburg
    INTERGEO Umwelttechnologie und Abfallwirtschaft G.m.b.H

    Robinigstraße 93

    5020 Salzburg

Our services in the project:

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